Sex Your Own Way

A booklet about sex for teens This booklet is written by RFSU and it's about sexual feelings and what you can do when caressing, making out, masturbating or having intercourse with someone. "Sex: your own way" is aimed at everyone, whether you have sex on your own, with someone else, or don't want to have sex at all. We're also writing for those who would like to have sex with someone, but haven't done it yet. RFSU believes that sex isn't just something you do or feel. It's also about knowledge. It's good to have facts and tips, so you can make your own decisions - now and later in life. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about their body and their sexuality. Openness is a key factor for prevention and sexual health. Everyone should have the freedom to choose, to be oneself and to enjoy. Swedish title: Sex på ditt sätt Text: Pelle Ullholm, RFSU 2012

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